Current Members

  • Angel Garcia Molina
  • Arlene Rosales Alvarado
  • Arturo Puigbo
  • Brittney Ramirez
  • Camila Castillo
  • Camilo Mateus
  • Chelsea Fuenmayor
  • Daniel Casallas Beltran
  • Daniela Martinez Miguez
  • Diana Barrios Perez
  • Gianfranco Grella
  • Javier Chaves Camargo
  • Jose Barrios
  • Karelia La Marca
  • Karen Molina Castro
  • Luis Mendoza Nova
  • Luis Urbina Barrios
  • Mackenzie Cozort
  • Mahmoud Zaqout
  • Maria Marchand
  • Maria Moreira
  • Maria Garcia
  • Maria Eaton
  • Martin Bruno
  • Natalia Fabry Lochmatter
  • Natasa Ilic
  • Rebecca Yanez
  • Renato Giusti
  • Sebastian Puerta
  • Yul Castro Barazarte

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Become a member of our vibrant association and unlock a world of rich experiences! Join us today and enjoy:

  • Cultural Events: Engage in a diverse range of events that celebrate our unique heritage, showcasing fascinating traditions and customs from our community.
  • Traditional Food: Savor the flavors of authentic cuisine, and taste the history and soul of our country with every bite.
  • Music and Dances: Immerse yourself in the enhancing rhythms and mesmerizing performances. Discover the stories and emotions expressed through the power of music and dance.
  • Scholarships: Unlock your potential with our scholarship program, supporting our members in their academic and personal growth. Join our family of ambitious individuals and make your dreas a reality.

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