Meet our 2024 Executive Team

Yul Castro

Yul Castro Barazarte

Originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, Yul is a senior student majoring in Computer Science.

Diana Barrios

Diana Barrios

Originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, Diana is a senior student majoring in Chemical Engineering.

Gianfranco Grella

Gianfranco (Totti) Grella

Originally from Oklahoma City, Totti is a freshmen student majoring in Finance Pre-Law.

Daniela Martinez

Daniela Martinez

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Daniela is a freshmen student majoring in Psychology.

Maria Garcia

Maria Virginia Garcia

Originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, Maria is a freshmen student majoring in Political Science Pre-Law.

Renato Giusti

Renato Giusti

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Renato is a freshmen student majoring in Political Science.

Maria (Muñi) Eaton

Originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, Muñi is a freshmen student freshman majoring in Biology.

Jose Barrios

Jose Barrios

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jose is a junior student majoring in Aerospace Engineering.

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Join our executive team and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Venezuelan community. We’re actively looking for individuals passionate about Venezuelan culture, with a talent for leadership and a desire to make a difference. As an executive member, you’ll have the opportunity to lead projects, organize events, and foster a vibrant culture. Contact us to learn how you can become a part of our dynamic team.

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